Malaika’s Workout Videos Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym Right Now

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#3 Malaika is Challenging Gravity

Hello Readers! If I ask you to answer a name of an actress who is 48-years-old and mother of a son and surprisingly as sexy as the sweet twenty. Then, in no time you will answer she is none other than our favorite Malaika Arora Khan.

From strict diet regimes to strenuous training sessions, she goes above and beyond to stay fit and fine. And, her motivation works as an inspiration for us to hit the gym right now.

Whenever we stalk her Instagram account, we get the feeling of going harder, longer, and stronger. Well, sometimes we just need the inspiration to get moving and she is that inspiration which will force us to get moving and even her envy-worthy pictures are notions to move and move.

She posted many videos on Instagram doing weighted squats with vigor, defying gravity and challenging her inner self that is showing how she is aging backward.

So, without much ado you can watch Malaika’s workout videos here:

#1. Her dedication and motivation to stay fit is applaudable:

#twistythursday with @namratapurohit making me do crazy twisty stuff…💪 @reebokwomen_india #ilovepilates #fashionallyfit

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#2. Truly, she is an inspiration

Some Monday morning motivation…….. @reebokwomen_india @fitnessbakery #akro

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#3. Bollywood’s Munni proves that there is no one in the world can do better than her:

#4. The way she maintained herself is really marvelous:

Some Monday morning motivation…#buddyworkouts #PilatesGirls

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#5. She is a mommy of a 15-year-old. What’s your excuse?

Nevertheless, there’s no secret formula for her. She lifts heavy, works hard, and aim to be the best. But, yeah! her dedication and passion keep her attached to the gym.

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