The Reason Why People Love Dogs More Than Humans Will Surprise You

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Are you fed up with your friends who keep saying that you love your dog more than anyone?

Don’t worry you are not alone who prefer your pet over anyone else. A recent study published in a journal of Society and Animals reveal that people love dogs and feel more empathy towards them than humans.


Although some of you might get offended by this, that’s true. These little beasts can be our best friends and will be there without even speaking a word. Almost every second person these days owns a pet dog with whom they have filled their social media accounts with cute pictures of their pet. Ever wondered why?

Here are some reasons why we love dogs more than human

Dogs are the Best Companions


Yes, I can relate to this. In the world of fake friendships where only a few people understand the value of friendship and love, my dog is the best companion I have. He listens to you when you are sad, plays with you when you are free, and be your best friend without any selfishness.

They heal your heart!


Most of the people own a dog after a breakup or when they are depressed. The reason is simple, you can count on their loyalty and once they commit, they will never break your heart. Their cute actions and weird behavior let you forget the heartbreak easily. A survey has shown that people who have pet dogs can overcome an emotional trauma much better than people who depend on a human.

Dogs let you enjoy and will never judge you


You can play with your dog buddy, talk to them whole night, and do weird things without being judged or criticized. They may not speak a word, but you can feel the warmth and affection they hold for you.

They make you happier


What else you want in life! we all need someone who can make us happy in the worst situations. When you reach home after a bad day at the office, the only one who will welcome you with that extra warmth will be your pooch, and you will feel refreshed just after playing with him for a few minutes. No one on this planet can make you feel like this right!

They are more intelligent than you think


Yes, they learn everything quickly and can be your adventure partner every weekend. Having a dog means having a great weekend without convincing anyone to be your playground partner.

No, I am not saying that you can’t trust human, its just depends on  what you have been through in your life. We are anyway better than animals, but when it comes to unconditional love and care, even science has admitted that Dogs are more trustworthy.

It’s not important to own a dog, you can also play with those cute street dogs or can help them with food. Trust me you will make a selfless bond without any investment.

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