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An Honor To All Women Who Came Forward To Share Their Sexual Abuse Story!!

The woman I don’t know for which reason most of the time don’t report or share about the sexual misconduct and harassment they faced. But, when they are given a bit push or platform, they do. The #MeToo movement which let the millions of women at the global level broke their silence span became that platform which I am talking about.


#MeToo was started in 2006 by activist Tarana Burke but it became a topic of National conversation in October 2017 when actress Ashley Judd talked about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse story that happened with her (the first celebrity to do so) and the world listened. We all need to understand that Celebs are just like all of us than we ever know and think.


After Judd’s revelation many celebrities, women, and men of all races, all income classes, all occupations and virtually from all corners of the globe shared their story on social media. The widespread movement has become so popular that Time’s magazine adds their voice to it and support the sexual assault and harassment survivors that they are not alone.

Time magazine’s on Wednesday revealed Person of the Year edition with a title ‘The Silence Breakers’. The cover features Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler and others.


Burke told Today “I could never imagine this, I could never have envisioned something that could change the world.”


Actress Alyssa Milano Said “As women, we have to support each other and stand up and say, ‘No more,’

Isn’t the great news guys!!!

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