Are You Ready For The Weird Yet Funny ‘Invisible Box’ Challenge’?

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Would you give it a try?

We all remain ready for the challenges, right? No is not an answer as we all daily face and in our own way dealing with the challenges which life offers us. Well, today I am not here to talk about life challenges but to tell you about another challenge which is trending all over the Internet.

Social media now and then gets flooded with things that become so trending that people dare to try and never get afraid of failing in it.


Hope you guys all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge. After IBC Planking Challenge, Harlem Shake, Blue Whale Challenge, Boiling Water Challenge and Mannequin Challenge had attracted the eyes of crazy heads and now there is ‘Invisible Box Challenge’ which is also a must try.


The challenge is introduced by a cheerleader named Ariel Oliver. She posted a video of her doing the stunt on Twitter which has instantly become famous. If you are up for doing it then what you have to do is simply trick your brain into believing that there is an invisible box in front of you in the air and then stepping your one foot on the box and jumping over it.

Though it seems to look like a bit confusing, dangerous, stupid and if you are able to do this without falling or failing then congratulations…..cheers!!!

Now with a success in a stunt, you can post a video of yours along with a caption “Challenge Accepted” and can nominate your friends as well.



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