7 Hot Drinks To Keep You Warm And Cozy This Winter

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Hello reader!

Winter has just knocked our doors but the freezing temperatures and howling winds are so high that we can’t let go our winter blues.

All I want is a warm blanket, soulful music, hot brew, and warmer fire. Don’t you want this as well?


Well, all other stuff we can arrange but what about the drink? What to drink on a cold winter night is a big question? So, don’t wander here and there because I have compiled the list of best warmer drinks just for you which can definitely disappear your winter blues.

These seven hot drinks will keep you warm in winters:

1. Apple Cider With Cinnamon


I think we all have heard about the benefits of it, as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But, why always usual? Try apple cider on cold days in form of a drink.

2. Hot Vanilla Chai Tea


Chai? Of course! It is the best drink for every Indian. Well, if you are looking to cut back on calories, then chai is better than coffee.

3. Warm Spiced Coconut-Almond Milk


For a cozy winter, make a glass of ginger, almond milk, and coconut oil together. It would be as warm as your blanket.

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4. London Fog


London Fog has restorative features as well as an aid of caffeine, so you may need to try this in place of your cup of joy in the morning. Well, Earl Grey tea is a major ingredient of this.

5. Easy Blender Eggnog


If you desired to enjoy the classic cocktail, rather under a warm blanket then ‘Easy Blender Eggnog’ is here for you. Yes, to save time use your blender to prepare this winter classic.

6. Mulled Wine With Cranberries


Got bored with the same wine? Then, its time for a change. Mix wine with cranberry juice and fresh cranberries.

7. Dandelion Latte


Mix almond milk with herbal dandelion root tea and a bit of Cinnamon (Dalchini) for a flavorful and nutritious drink.

Stay hot and strong this winter with these drinks because the winter blues don’t have to get the best of you if you forget yourself!


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