These Natural Sounds Will Calm Your Heart And Fill You With Utmost Joy

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Soothing Sounds To Give You Peace In This Noisy World!

We all live in a world which is fully covered with noises and to find peace most of the people among us rely on ‘Music’. It had been scientifically proven that lyrics of the songs calm the heart, heal the soul and have the power to stimulate the mind. To be very honest I can’t spend my single day without listening to my favorite tracks. I have also seen people crazy behind Music as one of my friends can’t sleep until she listens to songs (I am not lying).

BTW!! That’s a lot of talking about sound created by humans. We all are born in a world which is more beautiful than we think or have realized. As a result of being born on this planet, we are naturally gifted to experience ear-pleasing sounds. Deeply Surrounded by a world of noise, loneliness, work we have forgotten that Music is in the little things.

Lend me your ears guys to introduce you to several sounds that we have neglected all our lives and didn’t know that it can be pleasing and satisfactory as well.

#1. Sound of crackling Fire~

#2. Sound of Rain falling~

#3. Walking through Autumn leaves~

#4. Car parked and it’s raining outside~

#5. Opening of champagne bottle~


#6. Lover’s murmuring~

#7. Cracking of knuckles~


#8. Hiss of a matchstick~

#9. Sound of Wind chimes~


#10. Sound of Waves~


#11. Birds chirping~


#12. Pages of a book fluttering in the wind~


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