Through Videos, YouTube Shows All The Top Trending Things That Went Viral In 2017

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YouTube from the very first day of its launch has been one of the biggest platforms where people have enjoyed watching videos of music, memes, comedy, and others. Every year the subscribers on YouTube have only increased and just like every year, in 2017 nothing was different.


We all are enjoying the last month i.e., December of 2017 and to commemorate everything that went viral this year YouTube has released ‘The Shape of 2017’ which is its year-end video.


In the 7-minute-long video all the amazing trends of 2017 like Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, fidget spinner and #TheFloorisLava parody videos are included. 300 musicians, viral stars, and creators from over 20 countries have come together to made ‘The Shape of 2017’.


Lilly Singh of the ‘Superwoman’ fame, Logan and Jake Paul, and famous vlogger, Casey Neistat, Stephen Colbert along with Bhuvan Bam, of BB Vines are the stars in the video. Bhuvan Bam is the only Indian YouTuber to have made it to the list.


Apart from this, the YouTube Rewind has also shown the tragic incidents that happened all around the world including Ariana Grande Concert Attack.

Celebs on the Twitter posted and expressed their happiness~

#1. Lilly Singh~

#2. Miles~

#3. Marshmello~

Look at the Video Below~

Great Job Youtube!!

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