Meet Iran’s First Female Triathlete, The Inspirational Shirin Gerami

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I Finished the Ironman World Championship 2016 While Wearing a Hijab’ Shirin Gerami


If you are one of the sports lovers, you might know this girl Shirin Gerami from Iran. A 24-year old girl has become the world champion and created history by being the first female triathlete to participate in the world championship. Her journey and success story has been inspiring women all over the world. Shirin Gerami has not only made her country proud but the struggle and passion of this lady has made her an example for women who are bounded by the society.

“I have loved the journey exactly as it has been. The thrill and curiosity of the unknown, the surprises, the growth, the ups, downs and upside downs. Passing on what Paula Newby Fraser has always told me: “don’t overthink it.” Shirin Gerami


These are the words of Shirin Gerami, which totally describe her as a strong lady who knows what she wants, and ready to achieve her goals no matter what comes her way.

Her Struggles with Herself

Shirin Gerami started playing sports when she was 13 and used to hike in the mountains before school at 4 am. When she turned 18, she went on a hiking trip with her friends at the Caspian Sea. But that day, transformed her totally. She was attacked by a group of men with large daggers and knives. Shirin struggled with mental illness and gone through a phase which made her fall for the sports and outdoor activities to heal.

While completing her college, she took part in sports, but never felt she could do it anyway. Shirin Gerami moved to London and joined a triathlon club. That was a turning point, which made her the first female of Iran, participated in 2013 ITU world championship.
Nobody thought that coming from Iran she could make it possible, but that’s what made her feel passionate and focused on it.

When she asked her triathlon federation in Iran that why women there could not participate in sports, she found that it all has to do with the women covering up and then, she took six months to sort the problem. Here is the picture of Shirin Gerami outfit including hijab.


“The relief of getting the permission was beyond anything. I wasn’t thinking, ‘Oh, it feels a little heavy.’” Said Shirin Gerami.

When She Became The Ironlady


After Triathlon series and several other tournaments, Shirin Gerami took part in the Ironman World Championship 2016 and started working on her strengths very seriously. The responsibility of representing Iran and Muslim women were the biggest fears she fought for.

Shirin Gerami is truly an inspiration to us. She promoted Gender equality and motivated women to pursue their dreams without thinking of the barriers that stop them to dream.

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