Things Women Of Marriageable Age Need To Take Permission From Their Parents

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Hello, my all lovely readers!!! Hope you guys are doing well.

Today, I am here to discuss with you all the topic which you guys will definitely be able to relate. I am a 22-year old working girl living alone in a city and I still have to take permission from my parents before doing a zillion of things. I sometimes get pissed off doing all this but at the end understand that my mom and dad love and care about me 🙂

All the girls, congratulations if you have stepped into the age group which needs to get married as soon as possible according to society marriage norms. Indian parents are really fond of marriage and if you are in the ‘marriageable age,’ according to our loving parents it is the only solution to every problem.


Though, they think we have reached the mental, physical and social age of getting hitched and capable enough to marry a complete stranger or love of our life we still need to ask or take permission before doing certain things in our life.

What are those things?? Lend me your time and tell you~

#1. Holidays~


“Shadi Ke Baad Jahan ghomna ho apne pati ke Saath ghumna”  why don’t they understand we don’t need marriage certificates to travel all the places where we want to.

#2. No to Junk food~


Instead of eating pizza, cheesy and sweet dessert start eating fruits and vegetables which will make your body healthy and skin glow. Why? I mean why can’t I eat what I want?

#3. Decoration of my room~


Come on, it’s my personal and own room. I have all right to decorate it according to my wish. It should be my choice whether I keep it sober, messy, or extremely decorative with all the things I love.

#4. No late night office and especially party~


“How are you coming home?, Why you were working late at the office, why so late coming from a party” these all questions we all have heard and at ‘marriageable age’ we hear it the same.

#5. Cooking~


I know how to eat all the delicious food but I can’t cook? Isn’t it a big deal? I have heard all my life ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ like seriously??

#6. Tattoos~


Don’t let ink carved at your body? What if my would be partner is fond of Tattoos and has few of it on his body?

# 7. Wearing what I love~


Last but not least and also the most important one. Why can’t I wear the clothes which I want whether it be shorts or full covered clothes?

Let us know in the comments section below for what things you need to take permission for?

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