10 Heart Touching Rumi Quotes Which Prove That True Love Never Dies

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“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

Being a writer and a bibliophile I have always admired Jalaluddin Rumi. In case you guys don’t know who he is? Let me introduce you to 13th-century Persian poet and his heart touching work. The only poet whose writing not only touched by heart but also my soul. I wish if he could remain alive in this century also.


I am living in a 21 century where finding a true love is a myth because air is surrounded by hook up culture. In this era of modern dating and relationship, Rumi’s words will let you feel what the true, mad, and infinite power of love is. His saying on love has the power to heal every broken and wounded heart.

Here are 10 soul-stirring quotes by the poet which will make you believe that True Love still exists~

#1. Words~

#2. Silence~

#3. Lover~

#4. I am Yours~

#5. Heartbreak~

#6. Love For You~

#7. Healing~

#8. Longing~

#9. Really??

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