10 Men Confessed Their Insane Lies Just To Get Her On The Bed

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Win her with the truths, not the lies

Men will be men, we all have heard this line, no! I have heard it many times and you won’t believe sometimes from the mouth of the man too. They quite proudly say this and believe it true, they think they can do anything. They do wrong with the girls and what we say in return – Men will be men. They openly lie to gain anything and sometimes they take their lies to another level that can ruin the life of a girl also.

Maybe, your guy is saying something in a kidding way, but maybe he has some intention behind it. As men can go to the lower extent to get you and if you don’t believe me, I have the confessions of men. 10 men confessed that they had lied to the girls just to spend a night with her.

They say men will men and nothing can change their attitude. But girls need not believe in such guys. Their lie can break you from inside and they even don’t care. Their insane lies are not equal to your emotion. So, before trusting anyone, think properly. Have a look at the confessions of men and know their lower limits.

These Are 10 Insane Lies Men Have Told Just To Get Her On The Bed:

1. Girls must be more intelligent!


 I lied to a girl on a date that I am a lawyer and a doctor too, to get laid and yes I love the face of gold diggers and their expressions when they know we men are super rich.

2. Man, you broke her completely!


 I proposed a girl for marriage so that we can get intimate.

3. What a liar you are!


I faked to a girl for few weeks that I am vegan but man that was worth if we slept and had a great time.

4. Exes are always exes!


I lied to my Ex that I still love her so that we spend a night and it worked.

5. A girl shouldn’t trust such a disgusting man!


I lied my GF that I will divorce my wife just to sleep with GF but I definitely will not leave my wife for anyone.

6. What if you really die!


I said I was dying and had one wish to pamper you and yes the night was awesome!

7. Sorry, but you couldn’t go lower than it!


I lied that I am Virgin to a girl to rope in for the night and it worked.

8. You don’t love your wife too!


I said that I am madly in love and gave her a ring too, I am married and love my wife that ring was just to have her on bed!

9. Insane man!


I am 40 but look young so told a 25 years girl that I am just 30 and single too and men we had a blast.

10. I wish that magic could be backfired on you!


I am married and lied to a girl that I am single to get intimate and as you know this works like magic.

This is literally disgusting. A man just to get her on the bed can lie to such an extent. How could a man go such a lower level!

A girl falls for you but that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of her with your insane lie. If you love her, say the truth, she will be yours. If not then you have no rights to break the trust of a girl. Respect her.

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