Everyday Open Your Eyes With These 8 Magical Life Mantras

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Conquer the world with adopting these life mantras

 Hey folks!
Today I will introduce you to real me. I am not a very focused person as I should be (as everyone thinks). Where am I heading into my life? I don’t know. What I know is – today is mine and I will make the most of it for me.
Sometimes, I also get depressed which is quite normal and I know what I feel about my hurdles is the everyday question of the most of the people. But nobody knows how to deal with it. Everyone is stuck into 9 to 5 and this makes them depressed. But there is no other option, or there is?
Nobody will bring you the solutions to your problems. It’s you who can resolve it and it’s you who can bring a joy, a love, a no to depression in your life. You just need to adopt 8 life mantras. I have all the trust on these mantras but genuinely say, I cheat with it. But I suggest all you there to open your eyes to these life mantras every morning and the world will be yours.

These Are The 8 Magical Life Mantras You Must Adopt:

1. I have this day to put soul into my purpose

I will start this morning with a purpose to make it happen today. I will put soul and will give a foot to my purpose today. Open your eyes to this beautiful life mantra and you gonna rock the day.

2. I am sufficient for my hurdles

Hurdles! Yes, these all are mine and I don’t need anyone to take credit to move them away from my life. I love my hurdles, it gives strength to me to be a stronger person. So today I am gonna hang out with them.

3. I am at my highest potential today

I am full of energy and positivity today to give a fly to my potential. I am gonna check which altitude my potential can take me.

4. I will think before giving it back

Calm! I will stay calm the whole day. Before giving you back your karma, I will surely think to give an apology of mine, to make you realize with my composed attitude.

5. I will allow unexpected things today

I welcome the unwanted, unexpected, totally unclear things today and definitely gonna love them.

6. I will love today

What fear is! What hesitation is! I only know what love is. My all love is dedicated to this day. I love today and will make the most of it.

7. Little steps will be my goal

Slow and steady win the race. I am gonna follow this morale today. Will take little steps to allow the big one from another side.

8. I will do only those things that I love


I am gonna have a large pizza. I am gonna have a super ride. I am gonna give some time to my books today. In short, I will do all the things that I love to do always.

Folks believe me once and just make these mantras reality of your life. Open your eyes, allow the sun rays to fall on your face, decide the mantra and here you go to conquer the world.

Nobody can stop you. This is only you who can put love in your life with yourself. Best luck for today.
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