India’s Amphibious Aircraft ‘Seaplane’ To Take Off In Country Soon

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“Seaplanes Will Travel Between Sabarmati River And Dharoi Dam In Gujarat”

India’s Amphibious Aircraft ‘Seaplane’ to take-off from the Sabarmati river traveled a distance of 180 km, to Dharoi dam, Gujarat.

Well, the passenger of this amphibious plane was the big dignities to our country like Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Modi at the event announced, “Tomorrow, for the first time in the history of the country, a seaplane will land on the Sabarmati river.”


A test ride with Setouchi’s 10-seater Kodiak Quest 1000 seaplane was taken by Nitin Gadkari. The potential for seaplanes in India has been recognized by both the Ministers.

Modi said, “We cannot have airports everywhere, so our government has planned to have these seaplanes.”


Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari at the function narrated that he met SpiceJet CMD Ajay Singh at least 50 times to change him to feel into the field of seaplanes.

Further, Ajay Singh said, ” Gadkari was so passionate about this project that he had been trying to convince him for the last one and half years.”

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It is also reported that the company is now planning to purchase 100 seaplanes to make the scheme viable.

Well, do you how exactly the seaplane are?


Seaplanes are fixed-wing small aircraft that can take off and land on both water and airfields and needs only about 300 meters of the runway.

With the formulation of UDAAN scheme, the regional connectivity would also grow.


“There were 71 airports in the country where scheduled flights used to take off when the BJP formed the government. We now have 80 airports in the country. And this seaplane will only add to the regional connectivity plan that the government has,” Gadkari said.

Meanwhile, all those who present at the meet said, “it would take approximately 12 months from now for the seaplanes to become a reality if it successfully passes its viability testing.”

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