Wish Upon’s Trailer Is Here And Now You Should Be Careful What You Wish For (Video)

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“Be careful what you wish for.”

Think being awarded a secret box which can fulfill all your wishes? Wait, now imagine the same box will also control your life and ruining the lives of your close family and friends as well. What will you do?

John Leonetti, the man behind Annabelle’s creation, is coming with his next ‘Wish Upon’ just dropped and we’re are shitting stones, already.

No kidding! The film centers around a 17-year-old loner who finds a mysterious box that guarantees a future in the life she’s always wanted.But she slowly finds there’s a price attached to each new wish.

Watch the trailer of “Wish Upon” here:

Leonetti, in a recent interview, said, “What’s so awesome about this movie is that it’s a dark tale, a very dark tale, but with uplifting characters. And so they all have an essence of hope, even Claire, and that’s what’s so cool about her is she wakes up twelve years later at 17 after… a cold opening that is pretty intense, and she gets up out of bed, hugs her dog and she goes to the window and her dad is leaving to go off to collect junk. And she turns and you can see the look on her face and you can tell this is going to be a sh*tty day, and to her in front of the mirror getting dressed and she says “no, this is going to be a good day.” So immediately in the movie you get hope. No matter what she’s been through, she has hope, and we all need hope.”

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Wish Upon also featuring stars like Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser, The Maze Runner’s Ki Hong Lee and Ryan Phillippe. Well, written by Betty Marshall and produced by Sherryl Clark.

The new flick of John R. Leonetti’s Wish Upon is slated to release on January 12. 2018 and presented and distributed via Carnival Motion Pictures.

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