Guwahati Couple Demanded Unique Gifts From The Guests Of Their Wedding

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The gesture of a Guwahati couple will win your heart

For every Indian, the wedding is like a festive which they celebrity with all pomp and show. To tie in the sacred bond of marriage, two people come together and they become one for their lifetime. In India, people spend a lot to make this once in lifetime experience memorable and grand. From printing invitation cards to throwing a grand reception for the guests, people leave no stone unturned and make it indelible.

But, the selfless gesture of a Guwahati couple will win your heart. The couple Paloma Dutta and Ved who was all set to get married invited their guests with a heartwarming request to their guests of the wedding.

They requested their guests not to attend their wedding with expensive gifts instead they asked them to bring Stationary Items like crayons, books, colored blocks. You will wonder, why?


Paloma and Ved demanded stationary instead of expensive wedding gifts to donate to an NGO ‘Shishu Sarothi’ which works for the education, advocacy, rehabilitation, and awareness for children with special needs.

The bride Paloma shared her intention behind this noble cause to the Storypick:

“We have always tried to help people and took this as an opportunity to do the same. Since it is difficult to get donations for a cause we support individually, we thought it was the perfect time to do it. Our agenda was to bring some positivity and we wanted to make it extra special by including others. Our family was very supportive and did all the groundwork since we don’t live in Guwahati. As soon as we got in touch with the NGO everything fell into place.” 


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Paloma posted on Facebook after getting overwhelming responses from the guests of her wedding. With these gifts, they collected around Rs. 85,000.

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