Do You Know Why Sonia Gandhi Stopped Her Farewell Speech?

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“Crackers Are Already Killing Delhi”

Sonia Gandhi, under her guidance and leadership, led the oldest party in India i.e., Indian National Congress for the 19 years. Under her umbrella, the Congress party saw it all from a rise in glory and then to a fall. The 71-year-old passed on her 19-year legacy to her son, Rahul Gandhi. Yes, the same Rahul on whom people make jokes all over the Internet. The same Rahul Gandhi is now the President of Indian National Congress party. Congratulations to Mr. Gandhi for the throne!!


With this news, there was happiness, congratulatory messages, chanting slogans and the party workers to express their euphoria burst crackers. The Supreme Court has prohibited from bursting crackers during Diwali in the city and Congress party workers did the same which garnered them criticism on twitter.




Apart from all this, the worst thing that happened due to burning from crackers is that it disturbed the Congress President Sonia Gandhi farewell speech. The loud, incessant noise from the crackers did disrupt her and she was annoyed and frustrated which you can see in the video below.

“I can’t speak. I can’t. Can they stop it? I have to shout. And if I shout, My voice goes” she said. After which Rahul Gandhi came to her and told her that it all will get stop in minutes.


The National Capital of India, Delhi is dealing with the severe smog problem and thus there is a need that people take it seriously.

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