This Drunk Man’s Drunken Mistake Will Bring A Smile On Your Face

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“Don’t get engaged in drunk driving”

Drinking culture in India nowadays is the most followed trend not only by the youth but by all age groups. I know that people enjoy the joy that intake of alcohol brings. Consumption of any type of drug/ alcohol did affect the senses and mental state of a human being. Right??? And what stupid things people do in an inebriated state always surprises us. Remember about calling your ex, shouting at someone or crying etc….

Well, a man from Chennai did something similar deed in a drunken state. As per a report by The News Minute, the man has been identified as Nikhil Mintra, a restaurateur living in Palavakkam from Thousand Lights.



What happened is??? On late Sunday night, he dropped one of her friends at a hospital as his friend suffered a injury in her leg. After which the hospital saw that one of their Maruti Omni ambulances is missing and then filed a complaint with Thousand Lights police station.

According to the police authorities, the man says that he left his Audi behind for the friend and wanted to take a taxi back home. As he couldn’t found out a cab he casually drove away with the ambulance. However, his driver later dropped off the van at a different branch of the hospital. The Hospital authority didn’t file out any case so no charges were registered against Nikhil.


Though the whole scenario seems funny….we all need to really understand the fact that drinking and driving is NOT a joke.


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