Do You Know Why This Woman Eats Her Dead Mother’s Ashes?

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We all are well aware that we reside in a place where we witness things from natural, extraordinary to a weird one happening around us. Right? Sometimes we come across with such a weird incidents in our life that we have to pinch our own self that if it is happening for real or it’s just an illusion.

When such bizarre things happen for real it leaves us shocked or perplexed and today I am here with such a story. It’s a story about a 41-year-old Debra Parsons. In may this year she lost her mother and after mother’s cremation instead of scattering her ashes in the traditional way, Debra decided to keep it in a sandwich bag. As she couldn’t bear the pain of losing her she always used to keep it by her side but still couldn’t feel her mother close by.


To feel the closeness of her mother one day she decided to do something which will shake your mind. Debra started eating her mother’s ashes.

“I opened the box and licked my fingers and just dipped them into the powder. Before I knew what I was doing they were in my mouth and the chalky, salty taste was comforting” while talking to the Mirror, she said.

She added, “I felt confused by what I had done, to begin with, but the feeling of comfort and closeness it brought was the first bit of solace I’d had since her death.”


Debra is now planning to eat her mother’s ashes with her Christmas dinner. She is going to keep a place for her mother at the table so she can be with her throughout the celebrations.
Isn’t it strange???

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