Have You Already Tried Out These Cool Things In College?

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Raise your hands, if you too have done these things in college! 

Howdy readers!

Today’s story will refresh your memories of college days if you have passed out and will give a stroke of nostalgia to you. And in case, you are in college, you will relate to this story and will share with your buddies. I am dedicating this story to my college gang as these cool things every college student does at least once in their days of college.


My college days were the naughtiest, insanely crazy days of my life. We fought on every little thing, we got jealous when our friends get more marks, we made plans which gets failed every time, we got our first crushes there and what not. And I am pretty sure, the students who are in college are doing the same things. These are the memories which never gonna fade and every time when we think about these memories, it will fill us with happiness. We did many crazy things and today I am going to tell you about few of them with a wish that you too are doing the same.

So, Let’s know about the cool things that are the identity of a college student:

1. Class bunking


Class bunking is a sign of college students. Sometimes alone, sometimes with buddies, a class bunk cost nothing. No guys?

2. Proxy attendance


I did it for sake of my friend. You know friendship matters the most.

3. Skipping boring lectures


Some lectures are too boring to handle no! And we left with no option other than skipping it.

4. Wearing same color clothes


Let’s match our clothes, we will look different in the college. Haven’t you said this line to your friends?

5. Spending more time in college canteen


Canteen is the fun adda for the college friends. They spend more time in the adda than classes.

6. Exam preparation just a day before


Most of the student relate to this. Searching for books, matching of the syllabus and all done just in a day before the exam.

7. Cheat is the rescue


If any topic is left from the one-day preparation, then why not make a cheat!

8. Being bossy to the juniors


When juniors enter the college, seniors are the happiest person as they know it’s time to behave bossy.

9. Making unsuccessful trip plans


With my personal experience, I am saying this, college trip plans mostly turn into unsuccessful trip plans.

Did you relate to the story? I could take you to all the memory lane, didn’t I? So guys, do these things freely in your college and make the memories to cherish forever.

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