SRK’s Son Abram Dancing on ‘Yeh Tara Woh Tara’ is Too Cute to Handle

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Abram never misses a single chance to capture all the attention just like his father Shah Rukh Khan.


Shah Rukh Khan’s son Abram is already a social media star just like his father, and everything he does goes viral within a few minutes. The cute actions and Shah Rukh Khan’s reflection has made him a huge star already. The recent video of Abram at his annual function, has gone viral and people cannot handle the cuteness of this father-son duo.

Abram’s Dance Performance is A Treat to Watch!



At the annual event of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Abram won hearts with his cute performance on the famous song of the movie ‘Swadesh’. Though there were other children dancing along with Abram, but you cannot take your eyes off this little munchkin, even for a second. Brown hair, red lipstick, and star-like costume were adding extra cuteness to Abram’s first annual day performance. Check out his picture.

Abram’s Performance

The whole Khan family was there at the Annual Festival to support their little star Abram, but the choice of the song was surprising. Abram performed on ‘Ye Tara Woh Tara‘ from daddy Shah Rukh Khan’s super hit movie Swadesh. From Mommy Gauri, Sister Suhana to Daddy Shah Rukh, everybody got excited when they saw the apple of their eyes performing for the first time. Shah Rukh Khan who is known as the coolest father in Bollywood was cheering his son to the fullest.



The proud father Shah Rukh Khan later tweeted on the Annual Day Performance of Abram “Spectacular DAIS Annual Day. God Bless you Nita Ambani for loving the kids. Made me nostalgic when to act was not important just trying was”. Shahrukh always says that his son Abram is blessed with getting so much love at an early age.

No Shah Rukh, thank you for giving us the cutest Star kid ever!

Talking about Abram, we all have seen the recent video on Children’s day video Shah Rukh Khan Posted where both the father and the son were dancing madly on the musical tiles. SRK never misses a single chance to flaunt his little son as he knows that Abram has been attracting the paparazzi everywhere he goes.



Whether it is his second birthday pictures, or the fight with Parineeti Chopra Abram is so popular among people that people have even made clubs and sites for him. Here are some of his most popular pictures on social media.


Here is the Video

Not only daddy Shah Rukh was enjoying Abram’s performance, but sister Suhana also seemed so happy that she could not stop dancing. While daddy SRK was cheering his son, mother Gauri watched his son like every mother does. She was silently observing his son doing all the steps and Abram, literally was the star of that night.

Enjoy the Cuteness!


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