Stop Calling Her ‘Tomboy’ She is The One You Always Wanted

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Oh C’mon! Can you come up with something better?

Okay, this is the most common problem most of the girls these days are facing. I remember when I was in school while other girls liked their Barbie dolls, I played cricket with the boys. That was the time when nobody judged or criticized my choices and decisions. But later on, I met people who were judgmental like they have known me for years. Calling a girl “Tomboy” does not mean that she is a guy, she may have different choices in terms of clothes, food, and sports and she is a girl who likes to get dirty in the mud and careless about the way she looks. There is nothing like being girlish or being a tomboy

No matter how much you criticize girls for not being girlish and awwish… many surveys reveal that boys eventually fall for girls who are not that typical. Today I am going to give you the reasons why not so girly girls are the perfect girls, you always wish to have in your life.

 They never make you wait


Yes! we “tomboys” do not need to spend hours and hours on makeups putting on a perfect shade of lipstick and outfit. We are always ready to go as we know that being you is the hottest thing to attract someone.

And when you get ready, you can make him fall for you again.

She says NO to Shopping


I know how much you guys hate shopping! Trust me I hate it even more and so do the other not so girly girls. A not so typical girl or what you call them a ‘Tomboy’, will never take you shopping every second day. You do not have to hold her bags for hours. She knows what she wants, and she will not take hours to find a simple jacket! Think about it.

Your Gang will love her


As she can get along with boys quite well, you can easily introduce her to your gang, and see how much fun your relationship gets. Now, you don’t have to make a choice between your girlfriend or friends. She will make you proud every time you take her with your friends.

She Will Be Your Best Friend!


She is not someone to create drama all the time, but she is the type of girl who will let you know your flaws without sugarcoating it. This will make you two best of friends and, you will always take her advice for everything. She can play, have a beer or just hang out with you.

But she has a sensitive side too, which she can maintain quite gracefully without using it as a defense tool. You can see how smart she is in handling your problems and sharing her own making it a burden for both of you.

She has A Great Sense of Humor


I mean how can you love someone who doesn’t get jokes or be sensible when you need. I can understand how painful it is, when you have to deal with a dumb guy or girl. But the ‘not so girly girls’ can amaze you with their hilarious sense of humor and the way she takes your dirty jokes.

She is the perfect girl


She will not only enjoy the ‘guy things’ with you, but can make you surprise with her super sexy looks. Your family and friends will love her, and she will be your partner in crime. You don’t have to give her stupid pet names, and she will encourage you to take risks. She will take criticism positively and can also raise her opinion wisely. Isn’t she is the one, you have been looking for years?

Remember Aditi from ‘Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ or Anjali from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ or Kaira from ‘Dear Zindagi‘? Yes, not only you love them, but want to be with a girl like them.


SO why judge her when you know that she is the best type of girl. Calling her ‘Tomboy’ does not make any sense people. She is a girl who fights like a girl.


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