These 6 Signs Confirm That You Have A Huge Crush On Someone

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Do you ever get tired of running around my dreams?

“I haven’t had this feeling before, it’s like I no longer have control of my feelings and more, when you are in the room, my heart drops on the floor, when I am with you, I never felt anymore bored.”

This is exactly what we feel when we have a crush on someone. Right??


We have all the burning wish to be with someone whom we find very charming and extra special, crushes make us feel insane sensations, like feeling shy and uncontrollably woozy at the same time.

Well, I remember about my first crush, the fluttering butterflies in my belly that almost make me nauseous, it seemed like every breeze telling me are you falling in love?


Similarly, here I have 6 other signs that can help you to check if you are crushing on someone from so many time:

1. The sudden smile comes every time when his/her name pops up on your phone screen:


Whenever your phone’s ring beeps your heart skips a beat and you rush to check your chat window. Somewhere you are expecting your crush’s message and when it does the feeling is totally crazy.

2. You start feeling all agitated whenever he/she around:


No matter how cool you are, whenever they’re around you forget or can’t come up with something witty to say. But, you are the extreme urge to strike a talk but your head just stops working.

3. You became the better presenter as every single communication you’ve ever had with your crush you tell your friend:


What feeling when they said he/she likes your smile when you made eye contact with him/her. All the simplest flashes look very romantic and you can’t stop it sharing with your friends.

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4. All of a sudden your digging skills emerge:


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all other social media platform becomes your place of digging. You stalk them like it is your life’s purpose to find out.

5. And, the friend who gives no shit in relation even become your love guru:


Your best friend suddenly becomes your love guru. Yes, it is true! You send all your chat screenshots to your bestie and then you both decipher every word in the messages like you are investigating early hieroglyphics.

6. Their little indication gets you excited for no reason:


Like, when he/she likes your profile picture on Facebook or tries to contact you then for you it is nothing less than doing the bhangra.

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