What Happens When An Introvert And An Extrovert Date?

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“I’d rather be loved deeply than loved widely.” – John Green

Relationship and dating a person is so common nowadays. Hardly, we can find an individual with a tag of ‘SINGLE’. Right, Guys!!! We all once in our lifetime have fallen in love with a person and very well know the khumar of it. Believe me, being in love with someone is the best feeling a human being can experience in his/her lifetime.

Being in a relationship and maintaining it is a big deal and what happens when an introvert dates an extrovert or you are being an extrovert girl and your boyfriend is introvert. What kind of situation you guys deal with…….. long conversations, no conversations, fights, and most importantly Loving each other to the moon and back.

Below I have mentioned few of the things which you can read and relate~

#1. Stay in or Stay out~


On weekends you always want to explore and roam outside but your extrovert partner doesn’t want to leave the bed. In this situation, you both are stuck to leave the home or just remain inside and love each other.

#2. Extroverted powers~


With all your extrovert traits you know how to convince him to go along with you. You bombard him with the happiness he will feel when he will join you.

#3. Texting/ constant updates~


It’s the little things that count. You constantly make them remain in touch with you either by call or text messages no matter how much busy you both guys are.

#4. Open Up~


As you possess a jolly nature and mingle up with everyone easily, you teach your boyfriend to do the same. You ask your introvert baby to open up and communicate.

#5. Understanding~


Introverts don’t always remain in a mood for talking and being their extrovert partner you understand this thing very well. Thus, give him space which he wants.

#6. Social Official~


Though, you really want him to accept socially that he is taken. You understand that he is an introvert and doesn’t mind him giving you social media attention.

#7. Third wheel at a party~


At a party as per your nature you keep on talking with everyone and your introvert better half somehow feels like the third wheel.

*Wink wink wink*

Opposites do attract and soulmates do exist!!!

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