8 Fatafati Dishes That Connect With Every Bengali Foodie

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*When in east, eat like Bengalis do*

Bengalis eat to live or rather it is more appropriate to call that Bengalis ‘live to eat.’ And why not? Afterall food is the common thread that connects all Bengalis across the world. Bengali delicacies are a topic of the quintessential adda and the one thing that every Bengali thinks about most of the time.


You may be amazed to know that food is one of the major reason that has inspired Bengali literature and in fact, one can even guess the season of the year depending on their food habits. Thus, probably the one word that defines each and every Bengali irrespective of their location, origin (bangal or ghoti), age, caste, and creed is particularly a “Foodie.” Having said that, let’s have a quick glimpse of the favorite foods and dishes of Bengal that defines the pure love of people for food. And not to forget, one good intermediate link to connect everyone who is a Bengali.

1. Tangra Macher Jhol


It’s a spicy catfish curry dish of Bengal, which is a very famous one. It’s prepared with a fiery curry of spices with the great mixture of Fish. This spicy Bengali dish tastes very yummy with steamed rice.

2. Keemar Doi Bora


Lovers of non-vegetarian food and dahi bada will go gaga over this perfect wedding of minced meat, sweet and spicy curd. This is one of the less popular street foods of Bengal. It has a rich cultural connection with one of the most famous Bengalis in the world- Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore and his family.

3. Jhal Muri


You can call it the Bengali version of the bhelpuri. Jhal Muri is yet another homemade recipe that Bengalis swear by. It’s made from rice flakes (muri) tossed with spicy chutney and mustard oil, along with roasted lentils and coconut chunks. It’s a convenient snack to munch on, while traveling around the city in the evening, and engaging in long conversations with a friend.

4. Luchi Alor Dum


Luchi alur dom is the preferred Bengali combination for a lazy Sunday brunch. The dish has Luchi that is similar to puris and is eaten with alur dum or aloo dom, that is a spicier and tangier version of the dum aloo.

5. Keema Matar


Keema Matar is the deadly combination of meat and peas in a thick gravy. It’s prepared with minced meat which tastes amazingly good in the gravy.

6. Begun Bhaja


This Bengali dish is prepared with eggplant, rice flour, mango powder, garam masala, turmeric powder, chili powder, salt and mustard oil for frying. You should never forget trying this one when at a Bengali’s house.

7. Kosha Mangsho


Kosha Mangsho is for all the die-hard mutton fans. This one comprises of mutton cooked in a spicy tomato and yogurt curry and was originated in the British colonial era. Kosha is cooked in pure mustard oil and contains an assortment of spices.

8. Sondesh


I guess, Bengali sweets need no introduction. They can make even the most ‘not-a-sweet-loving-person’ also drool and want to take just a bite of the rich sweets. Everything from rosogullas to sondesh is something that can’t be missed. Seriously, it would be a crime if you don’t indulge your sweet tooth when you’re with a Bengali.



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