Another Good Deed By Woman In Mumbai Inspires Men To Follow Them

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Experiment at Andheri Railway Station

Mumbai~ A dream city for many and also the most crowded place in India. Every individual who commutes through locals knows the struggle of traveling from one place to another and being squashed by the other commuters. To solve out the problem of every Mumbai local commuter the Railway Protection Force (RPF) – Western Railway came up with a solution.


On December 18, at Andheri station on platform numbers 8 and 9, 20 women constables asked the female commuters to queue up before boarding the train, as per the Mumbai Mirror.

The constables informed them about the plan of RPF of implementing the queue system. It is being done for the safety of women and their belongings during the entire journey.


And the move is being implemented when to board five Andheri-Virar locals women lined up and the most amazing part is watching them doing it men got inspired and followed them. The male commuters alongside the women commuters queued up to board the 6:35 PM local. On five locals at 5:47 PM, 6:12 PM, 6:35 PM 6:50 PM, and 7:21 PM the RPF did the experiment.


“Commuters were more than happy to support the drive. They readily queued up, and while a few did lunge forward as the train approached the platform, the discipline was by and large maintained.” said the Anup Kumar Shukla of RPF-Western Railway’s Divisional Security Commissioner.

The whole scenario shows that when it comes to easy travel people do cooperate.

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