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Are You A Receptive Person Which You Claim?

As we are living in the 21st century, we like to call ourselves an open-minded person, aren’t we? Of course, we too match up the time of modernization but do we really deserve to be called a receptive person? Think about it. Most of us think that we are accepting all people and opening up for new experiences, but it is easy to get caught in a way of thinking or spending time with people like ourself. There are many signs that indicate that this is the time to be more open-minded, and it is not always having a friend who looks alike, thinks alike or wants to live with the same habits. Being an open-minded person, we must welcome things, especially different kind of things with open arms.


In case, if you think you are an open-minded person, then you will have these qualities which I mentioned below. And if you are in dilemma, then examine these questions in your and draw the result.

1. Do you not hesitate to ask questions?



Be an open-minded person, there should be a willingness for you to explore new things. If you avoid asking queries or questions in spite of having a strong will to know about something, then sorry man you are a narrow-minded one.

2. Do you always welcome changes?


Remember the last time when you didn’t like anyone join your group! Congrats, if you don’t remember then it means you love changes and are always open to it. Changes in life must be welcomed with open arms.

3. Do you make friends different from you?


Everyone wants to be a part of an alike group which has people of same thoughts, opinion but this will make your world limited to a view and it will never make you an open-minded person. So, if you are interested in making friends unlike you then your mind is receptive.

4. Do you see curiosity in you?


Open-minded people are always eager to know new things. They born with or develop a quality of curiosity in them. It’s a sign of reception individual. It’s like breaking atypicality in you.

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5. Do you feel comfortable with different people?


If you think the way you have been brought up is the right one, then it’s not true. Everyone has the different way of living and you can’t find everyone like you. In case, if you feel comfortable with their different attitude then you are an open-minded one.

6. Do you respect other religions?


Everyone follow and respect their religion and many of them respect and allow people of only their religion. If you are doing the same then you can’t call yourself a receptive person.

7. Do you never judge other’s way of living?


She is hanging out with boys, she is drinking, she is wearing short clothes, if you notice and pay attention to these things of other people then you are judging them and you cannot come in the category of an open-minded person.

Celebrate openess of mind

So, I suggest you all go and examine yourself are you really an open-minded individual or you are just claiming that? Time to time, a self-examination can never be a bad idea.

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