From Poha-Jalebi To Bhutee Ki Kees: Indore Is The Street Food Capital

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Know, why Indoris are called foodie!

“Those delicious Jalebis over Poha plates, those hot Samosas with green spicy sauce, those mouth watering Bhutte Ki Kees, those soft Dahi-bades, those cruchy Dahi-puris, those Garadus…”
I know folks, after reading above written lines your mouth is already filled with water and if you’re in Indore this time, you will surely go to have plates of each food items. Am I right? I know, I am speaking your heart out. My friends who are not in Indore currently, for all of them, the above lines are dedicated and I will accept your thanks later. We Indoris are the foodie and there is no doubt in it. Indore serves your taste. Indore makes you mad for food. Whether you are a food freak or not, you can’t deny the specialties of Indore. Even in the worst condition, Indore will never let down you if you ask for food (yummy food). It will never be a food unpalatable.
If you ask me why Indoris are called foodie and Indore is the street food paradise, I have many reasons to give you but today I am gonna talk only about the best street foods of Indore and this reason will be enough for you to visit Indore and taste its street food.

Let’s have a look at the best Street Food of Indore and fall in love for Indore:

#1 Poha Jalebi

Every Indori’s day begins with Poha and Jalebi. The saltiness of Poha and sweetness of Jalebi is the perfect combination.

#2 Samosa

Indore serves different Samosa. It tastes really different from other places. It gives you the flavors of sweetness, sourness, and spice together.

#3 Dahi Vada

Sarafa (Night food market) offers you the world’s one of the best Dahi Vada.

#4 Moong Bhajiya


Moong Bhajiya is a must to have in Indore city. The crunchy, spicy bhajiya is the best evening snack with a cup of tea.

#5 Bhutte Ki Kees

You cannot go to Indore and come back without having tasted the Indore’s specialty Bhutte Ki Kees.

#6 Indore Ki Maggi

You won’t believe Indore serves 23 different styles of Maggi. From pizza topping to Chinese style or from Italian to kebab, you can have a wide variety of Maggi here.

#7 Johnny Hot Dog

Chhapan Dukan’s one of the best food item Johnny Hot-Dog but it’s less Hot Dog and more of burgers, banjos, and sandwiches. It is one of the favorites among the youngsters.

#8 Sabudane Ki Khichdi

You will swear by the taste of Sabudane Ki Khichdi. This lip-smacking Khichdi you absolutely can’t afford to miss.

#9 Pani Puri

Though Pani Puri is quite famous in India and it can be found in any city with different names. But, our Indori Pani Puri will also win your heart.

#10 Patis

You won’t find Indore Patis in any part of India. It’s a unique dish made up of dry coconut with a covering of potatoes.

#11 Dal Bati

Dal Bati is the famous dish of Rajasthan but it has an equal importance in Indore and Indoris are mad over the taste of Dal Bati.

#12 Paan

Indore aaye aur paan nhi khaya! You can’t afford to miss any of the flavors of paan in Indore including chocolate, butterscotch, ice paan etc. and fire pan is just added to this list.
These are a few street food items that are served in Indore and there is a lot that you can have in the city. If you are a foodie, Indore should be your next destination.

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