Man From Rajasthan Locked His Two Wives In A Car And What He Did Next Will Shake You To The Core

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It is said that when two individuals decide to tie the knot, not only they marry but their family too. It is necessary that men and women love their in-laws just the way they treat their own parents. Because when this does not happen in family fights and sourness takes place in the relation.


The same happens in a Rajasthan. Deepa Ram told both his wives that he is taking them out to buy jewelry. In the middle of their journey, they had a fight.

The father of three children along with his wives could have fixed the fight but instead, he did something very shocking which heart wrecking.


The man left the vehicle while his wives were inside and set the car on fire. One of the two women somehow came out of the car but the accused again set her inside. Both of the victims were charred to death, according to a report by The Times of India.


The man was unhappy with the way his wives treated his mother, according to the police. He has accepted committing the crime and now is under custody.

Such incidents are very disturbing and can unstable the minds of people. Instead of killing his wives he could have confronted his problems and tried to solve them out.

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