The Impressive Journey Of Marathoner Will Instigate You To Achieve Your Dreams

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The Marathon Of Life!!!

Time is the most important factor which an individual can use either to build his/her life or ruin it completely by their own hands. We have all heard the keep on nagging of our parents, grandparents and some of our friends to get up early every morning or decide our future goals as early as possible. The 24 hours of a day sometimes are not enough to do all the things which we wish to.


Whether it be a day or life an early start let us achieve a lot and this is very well applied by a marathon runner Aman Mehla in his life as he started training at the age of 13. As he is 18-year-old he has completed eight 10 km runs, two half marathons, and even a 25k.


He is still in his teenage stage and has to achieve a lot and even go far away in his life as he can break some impossible records. The marathon runner has to balance his career and passion in order to fulfill all his dreams. By realising that he is born to run, Aman started off running early in his life to achieve what he has now.

Watch over his journey in the video below~

This is what we all should become in our life to become successful early. What we all need to do is to wake up from our dreams. Let me make you understand this by a simple example. Just like waking up early in the morning gives us lot of time to do things in 24 hours, similarly if we realize early in life what we want in future this will let us achieve success at an early age.

Time is indeed the biggest asset!!

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