The Mother Is Just A Year Younger Than Her Baby And The Reason Will Leave You Awestruck

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“It’s a world record”

When I first time I came to know about this news like you I too left awestruck and somewhere thinking it is a prank made by someone.

But, it is true! Medical science is advancing at a fast speed and we hear unusual stories almost every other day from the medical center. Similarly, before that, a news of pregnant surrogate mother has come but shockingly she got pregnant again with another baby? Please, don’t hit your head on the wall.

This unbelievable news, are actually real! As in one more incident, a 26-years-old Woman gives birth to the baby who is technically just 2 years younger than her.


A lady from East Tennessee in the United States gave birth to the longest known frozen human embryo. The baby is the result of an embryo originally frozen on the 14th of October, 1992.


However, many people think including me that may be the condition of is not normal but again this news proving me wrong. The baby was healthy and was delivered last month on the 25th of November.


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Tina Gibson, a mother of the baby said, Baby Emma Wren Gibson, is a “precious Christmas gift from the Lord” and she said, “she herself is only 26 years of age now and admits to being shocked when she was told the age of the embryo.”


Emma’s father, Benjamin Gibson says, “He was absolutely smitten by the tiny tot as soon as she came into the world. And despite not sharing her genes the 33-year-old said that she feels like she’s completely his own child.”


Her father has cystic fibrosis which results in infertility and the couple decided on adopting children and filled out the application for an embryo adoption. This wondrous child is technically much older than she seems.

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