This Mother Did Something Shocking To Cure Her Daughter’s Constipation

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We live in the 21st century and we have developed our country in many ways whether it be equality, technology or development of the country. Right? But, superstition still prevails in our Indian society which is one among the hurdle in the path of India’s development.

Even today people believe and perform exorcism and the case which I am going to tell you will shake you to the core. The incident is from Manwelpada, Virar in Mumbai. What exactly happened is a girl of around 11-years-old was suffering from constipation. We all know that the medication for this is simple and it can be easily cured.


The victim was suffering from it from December 15. The mother instead of taking her to the doctor or giving her some home remedy called up her sister to let girl rid of constipation. What happened next will shock you guys.

Both the sisters on the night of December 17 performed an exorcism on her while pouring the turmeric and vermillion on her body and the mother sat on her stomach. Yes, this happened for real. They did not stop here, as the sisters went on to shut her mouth with hands and her private parts to get rid of the ‘evil powers’. The girl was screaming but they didn’t leave her.


As per Midday, the father came to her rescue but couldn’t do anything as he was slapped twice by the mother. As girl become unconscious and the mother saw this she informed her family members. The girl was taken to the hospital but it was too late as the doctors declared her brought dead.

The uncle of the girl informed the police who arrested the father, mother and the mother’s sister. Until 23 December, they all are remanded in police custody. In the autopsy of the girl, it came out that she had multiple external injuries on her body as well as her private parts.

Wish, someone could have saved the innocent!!

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