Find Out Here If You Are You In Relationship With An Over-thinker?

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Thinking is always good but what about overthinking?

Hey folks! Howdy?
I believe you and your partner love each other very much, you have accepted all the flaws of him/her. Your this attitude is the strength of your relationship but what about your loved ones? If he/she despite loving you seems unhappy, unsatisfied, troublemaker sometimes and even without any reason. Then what would be the reason behind their attitude?
Have you ever drawn your attention towards their habit of overthinking? Have you ever noticed that your partner is thinking way too much? Have you ever tried to analyze whether his/her overthinking the reason behind a tiff in your relationship? If not, then try to find out these signs in your partner that indicate that he/she is an overthinker. With this story, let me try you to help you find that you are in a relationship with an overthinker partner.

These are the signs that will help you to know that you are in a relationship with an over-thinker:

1. Things are difficult for them to accept

They always find themselves unworthy and if anything good happens to them, they always come up with a reaction- why me?

2. They assume a lot

This is their negative aspect that they assume a lot even sometimes without any spark. This always creates trouble in their relationship.

3. They can’t make their choices


They are unable to make choices no matter the thing or decision is small or big. They are always get confused between choices.

4. They never expect one-liner answer from you


Even if you try to put one-liner or one-word answer in front of them, it’s like you are doing something very serious that can offend them.

5. They are always ready with a list of do’s and don’ts

This can be their positive move or can be their negative one. An overthinker always put pros and cons of every situation. And they bend towards cons mostly.

6. They don’t get unexplained things

An overthinker tries to find out meanings in everything, unexplained or unsaid things are not their cup of tea. They always want you to explain.

7. They are full of emotions

Yes, these people are full of emotions and always expect from you to understand their emotion every single time.

8. People around them matters them more than needed

They get attached to people easily and their emotions don’t let them move over that person. Each and everything related to that effect them badly.

9. They end up in thinking not just bad but worse

An overthinker always fear the worse situation. Whenever their head isn’t indulged in something, they tend to feel everything turning bad.

10. They are prone to sleep less

And this becomes the reason for their over thinking. Sleeping is the time when you are with you and your thoughts and for an overthinker, it is a bad time. As at this time, they get connected to the link of overthinking.
Guys, have you ever found any of these signs in your partner? If yes, then you are in a relationship with an overthinker.

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