Here’s The List Of Amazing Tech Innovations for the Year 2017

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In the field of Technology, we have come far. We have invented techniques, gadgets, mobiles and other things which were thought to be impossible. Behind such brilliant, coolest and amazing innovations which have made human being’s life so easy and comfortable are the minds of people from around the globe.


Year by year technology has just got advanced with the inventions and just like every year, this year in 2017 too innovations wasn’t constricted to few fields but they have been in almost every field. So, here we have an amazing, coolest tech innovations for the Year 2017.

#1. Jibo Robot~


It’s a robot designed for household purposes. With just the phrase “Hey, Jibo” one can control the robot. He dances, answers questions, clicks pictures, follows you around and socializes.
COST~ $900

#2. eSight 3~


The powerful pair of glasses is designed for the legally blind people. When it gets on, it records high­ definition video and uses magnification, contrast, and proprietary algorithms to enhance that imagery into something the legally blind can see.

#3. June Intelligent Oven~


The Oven has a camera attached to the ceiling which identities the food and preheats the oven to a required temperature and also sets an automatic timer.

#4. Snap Spectacles~


The pretty stylish glasses have a built-in camera which captures and send the point of view straight to the story in a circular video.

#5. iPhone X: FaceID~



One of the coolest inventions of 2017 has been iPhone X. The FaceID is not limited to just unlocking the iPhones the other security technologies are also being developed.

#6. Adidas Unveils the Futurecraft 4D~


After Futurecraft 3D Adidas unveils the Futurecraft 4D. It teamed up with Carbon which allowed them to create the first-ever 3D printed soles that use a liquid polymer.

#7. Nintendo Switch~


Nintendo Switch is developed by Nintendo. It can be plugged in and played on the TV. It has a touchscreen that can be used for gaming on the go.

#8. WAIR: Anti-Pollution Scarf~


WAIR is the first certified anti-pollution scarf. It comes with a mobile application which can be used to measure air quality.

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