Read These Things Carefully And Never Ever Do Them in Public, Even By Mistake

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 Please stop doing these things in Public


I was on my way to room last evening, and the Christmas traffic was at its best. Being an observer, I couldn’t stop myself watching each and everybody on the bus, doing their own things. Suddenly, I saw a guy digging his nose, and you won’t believe that the guy was so good looking that I turned back twice to confirm if he is actually doing this. He was so involved that he didn’t even notice me staring at him. I know it’s not a big deal, but there are things and habits that should be done when we are home alone in our comfort zone.

The guy went to the next stop, but that made me think what are the things that should be a big NO NO when we are in public. Here are some of the bad habits, which I would never ever do in public neither should you.

Talking Loudly or Humming


This is something I find really annoying. After a long day at the office, everybody wants peace, but there are some people who will never understand even if you show the signs. To those who are like wannabe singers or who keep talking loudly, SHUT UP!! For god’s sake. Nobody is interested in your personal talks or your singing talent.

Adjusting your clothes in Public!


Yeah, it happens to everyone. If there is an emergency like a wardrobe malfunction risk, then no problem but adjusting your pants or else should be stopped right there boy. This is very embarrassing for us to see you doing it, especially when you are a friend!

Stop doing it Girls!


A public place is not for painting your nails or checking and squeezing your pimples. You need to groom your hair or need to deal with something urgent? go to the washroom and enjoy your make-up time. No one likes to see you plucking your eyebrows in public, it’s embarrassing and annoying.

No, we don’t want love in the air!


Yes, we understand you guys love each other and cannot live apart, but for god’s sake go get a room and do whatever you want to. Imagine you are with your parents, and you see a couple kissing. Embarrassing right! And what if your own father catches you showing that extra affection in public? Think about it.

Eating or Burping Loudly!



This has been one of the most common Indian habits, which should be stopped in Public. While chewing you make a great sound so that all the people around feel that they are also eating it, and then, you burp loudly so that they run away from you! Please, don’t make your mouth a washing machine.

Apart from these, there are hundreds of habits that should not be done in public. Next time you go anywhere in public, do not embarrass the people or friends around you or they will leave you.

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