Amputee Woman Who Climbed Everest Was Stopped From Entering A Temple In Ujjain And The Reason Is Shameful

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Where are we heading?

There is no denying the fact that we live in a society where man and his opinion is treated as number one while a woman is always put on the second number. Now and then we hear the incidents on women which are shameful and make us think where we are heading.

A similar incident happened with the first Indian amputee who climbed Mount Everest, Arunima Sinha. The former national-level volleyball player six years ago in a moving train fought against a robbery attempt. As a result, she was pushed out of a train and her leg had to be amputated.


Talking to NDTV, she said during a visit to Burhanpur on Sunday decided to visit a temple in Ujjain. When she reached there and was about to enter the inner sanctum the priests stopped her, saying she was improperly dressed.

She revealed the incident on Twitter~

“It deeply saddens me to tell you that I felt greater pain in visiting Mahakal Temple (at Ujjain) than scaling the Everest because my disability was mocked there” (Translation)


“They stopped me over my clothes….I was wearing a lower and a jacket. I showed them that I did not have a leg and said I would take only a minute, but they did not let me enter. It was really sad. I’ve never faced such problems even on the mountain. They were almost going to shove me out,” she said.

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