These Quotes By J.M Storm Expresses The Feeling Of Bold Yet Tender 20-Year-Old

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“She’s a flower in a world that forgot the magic of a daisy”

Alone~ We all once in our lifetime have felt and dealt this feeling. Whether it be living alone in a room, feeling isolated in a group of friends or if someone whom we have loved immensely left. Nowadays, people spend most of their time with themselves and they deal with their loneliness by spending their time on social media platforms. This act is mostly termed as a distraction.

This is what I do and my favorite one is Instagram. As today I was scrolling down through my account, I came across the Instagram account of JmStorm. Believe me, when I started out reading her work, I literally felt so good (I can’t explain it in words). While reading this I understood that Social media is no more a distraction and it’s a place where you can feel better.

Read some of the Quotes by JmStorm below~

#1. It is her~

This is all what a Girl and deserves. For the love of your life, it is important that you give her laughter and paradise.

#2. She is Everything~

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She is not a sunny day kinda woman. She is not just a flame but she is a bonfire to a soul.

#3. Good For Me~

In every way, you have been good for me. You have intoxicated me and painted masterpieces in my soul.

#4. All I Love Is Laugh~

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I love making you laugh and even love to laugh hard because it is the time that take away from all the things that hurt.

#5. Pretty~

All those who compliment her ‘Pretty’ didn’t matter to her at all because these people have seen an external beauty and not inner one which always shines.

#6. Comfort~

You feel a feeling of comfort when you know you are where you are supposed to be.

#7. A Different Level~

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The way you speak to me is of a different level which soothes my mind. I find peace in another voice.

#8. Love Fiercely~

When I learned to love fiercely and learned to love myself in that way, everything changed.

#9. Lullabies~

She sings lullabies of her fear and burdens every night because a monster within her needs to fall asleep before she can.

#10. Meant~

By holding your hand for a while I meant to make you smile and this fact always makes me smile.

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