What This Diamond Merchant Is Doing For Fatherless Brides Will Make You Respect Him

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“He Becomes Father Of 250 Daughters”

Who is more important on a wedding day of a girl? Groom? No! Girl’s father!

More than 250 of Indian brides dressed in colorful wedding attire in the city Surat and got married as a part of the mass wedding hosted by a diamond merchant. Yes, the wedding was hosted by the famous yet generous diamond merchant of Surat who fulfilled the dreams of these girls being a father.


As these 250 girls have lost their fathers, and he arranged their wedding into a mass wedding. Well, not only this but from 250 brides, 5 were Muslim, 1 Christian and 2 women who are HIV positive.


Mahesh Savani, the Indian business tycoon, and diamond trader hosted a mass wedding of 251 fatherless brides on Sunday. As we said all brides were not Hindu, Savani managed to host wedding from them in their wedding rituals and traditions.


According to the report,

“Mahesh Savani believes that it is his social responsibility to help those women get married who do not have fathers and find it difficult to meet the expenses of their wedding rituals.”

Mr. Savani added, “I have taken the responsibility as their father”.


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However, the business tycoon was doing the ritual of Kanyadaan since 2012 and this year he is in the five consecutive years of blessing because believes that giving away brides is a blessing from God.


Along with bride and groom, every year thousands of people witness the function of the mass wedding. And, Savan’s trust every year also gives gifts to bride like household stuff, sofa, bed, and utensils.


This act is considered as a charity, therefore, the expenses of the whole mass wedding are not disclosed.

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