60-Year Old Man Raped 2 Girls And What He Offered Them To Keep Their Mouth Shut Is Disgusting

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Another Sad Rape Story!

The news of rape incidents with the girls can be heard now and then and now here is another story of rape occurred in India capital south-west Delhi where two girls aged 5 and 9 years were raped. Mohammad Jainul, a 60-year-old laborer committed this disgusting crime against the innocent girls. The Minor girls were playing outside their home and their parents who work as laborers had gone out for work.

The incident occurred when he took them to his house by telling them of buying sweets. As his wife and kids were not at home the man raped the minors.


The accused offered Rs 5 to both the girls to keep their mouth shut so that they don’t reveal the ordeal to anyone. The girls were scared and didn’t discuss it with anyone until when 5-year-old girl felt pain and told about it to her mother.

The mother saw wound marks on her private parts and this is when they reached to the police. The girls identified Jainul.


“He took both the girls to his house and assaulted them in front of one another. Before he let them off he warned them not to tell anyone about the assault and handed them over Rs. 5. The two then went home,” the Deputy Commissioner of Police Milind Mahadeo Dumbere told HT.

They were then counseled and a case was registered against Jainul. Our team arrested him. he was produced before a court, which sent him to 14-days judicial custody, said Dumbere.

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