7 Good Reasons Why Breakup Is A Blessing In Disguise

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Okay, people! Accept the fact that we all face stressed relationships at least once in our lifetimes! Heartbreaks are the worst thing, that shatters your soul, makes you feel very bad about yourself. You start questioning what your fault is and why it had to happen to you. But someone needs to realize if the person is not in your destiny, why run after him or her? One should also realize that running after someone is not love; love is just felt and understood.


Maybe you already had future plans with the person but if he or she is not right and could hurt you then the breakup is indeed a blessing! I know you might not have given that a thought. Heartbreaks can also pose life-changing experience; at the start, you may feel crushed and awful but with time you realize that there is much more in life than a failing relationship.

This is why I’m here to tell you that having a breakup is not at all a bad thing, in fact, there are other things and aspects on your plate that need your attention.

1. An opportunity to re-invent yourself


This is an opportunity for you not only as a person that’s continuing on his or her journey, but as a person who is bigger, better, and stronger than the devastated and heartbroken person you once were.

2. Fewer obligations


It’s rare that one truly gets along with each and every single one of his or her partner’s friends and family members. Relish the fact that you no longer have an obligation to play nice with people you don’t want to. You are free from any obligations that have been on your way.

3. No more food sharing


Well, because I’m a big time foodie. I understand and care about this fact very much. *Wink*. You want to eat pizza? Go ahead. In the mood for Chinese food? Order away. There isn’t a second person that you have to come to an agreement with. Your taste buds alone get to make all of the decisions.

4. Opening to someone new


If you’ve been through more than one breakup, you know how it can often feel like you’re losing the greatest person in the entire world. But then you date someone new, and now they seem like the best person in the world… and so on and so forth. And know this in your heart that when you’ll find the best person for you, you’ll know it.

5. Spend some good family time


Set up some dinners, take a vacation, go to a picnic. Even a late-night drive with the windows down, blasting your favorite songs, will feel great. Afterall, a family is all that makes us feel all great in the world.

6. Don’t stop believing in love


Someone should never lose confidence in oneself or love if the previous partner left. You cannot beg someone for love, rather it just comes. So if you had a bad relationship, do not worry, someone else will come and make all those broken threads strong. Believe that love will always find its way in your life.

7. Live your dreams


Maybe in your relation, you had to sacrifice many dreams and hopes. But now it’s time to achieve them all. Do not stay sad or keep crying, time flies instead make a plan, and start achieving it. Take the course you always wanted to, join the yoga or meditation class, or pack your bags and go somewhere. Because apart from yourself no one can make you happy the way you always wanted, happiness lies within!

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