Do You Know These Jaw-Dropping Facts About ‘Parle G’ Biscuits?

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Parle G biscuit…. I remember how fond I was of these biscuits in my childhood days (It doesn’t mean now I am not). Since its inception from 1939 to present it is ruling the hearts of people and nothing can beat the pleasure of ‘chai with Parle G biscuit’. Though the century has changed the favorite snack of people remains the same.

And in this regard today I have some of the facts related to Parle G biscuit which are enough to blow your mind ~

#1. Production~


You will be shocked to know how many Parle G biscuits packets are produced in a month? Can you guess? In a month, 1 billion Parle G biscuits packets are being manufactured and believe me this is true.

#2. How many eaters?


We all know that people are crazy for Parle G biscuits from their childhood to old age. It is among the most loved biscuits in India. Thus, the number of people eating Parle G per second is 4551. Are you shocked? I am too.

#3. Girl on Packet~


All around people have heard many rumors about the girl who is in the packet of Parle G biscuit. For your knowledge, its graphic is being developed by Everest Creatives. As the company doesn’t want a popular face for the advertisement, they have that girl.

#4. 192 times~


One can circle Mother Earth 192 times if one lay all the Parle-G biscuits manufactured in a year around the Earth’s circumference. Isn’t it amazing?

#5. Distribution Network~


In all over India, around 6 million retail stores sell Parle-G biscuits in their outlet excluding all tapris. Eat a Parle-G to digest this fact 😉

#6. Story behind ‘G’~


We all know that “G” in “Parle G” stands for “Genius” but for your kind information “G” doesn’t stand for “Genius”. The “G” stands for “Glucose” so you get to eat Parle Glucose Biscuits.

Don’t wait, open a packet of Parle G and eat it!!

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