These 8 Important Traits In A Person Define Their Inner Beauty

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“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

Have you ever wondered why the modern media and advertisement companies always convince us upon the definition of ‘beauty’ according to their viewpoint? Showcasing the images of slim girls with defined cheekbones and pouty lips and calling that beautiful is simply what I call ‘hypocrisy’.


Clothing and shoe companies display the ‘perfect’ body with a tiny waist, flat stomach, and long slender legs. The continuous brain drain never stops from the commercials, ads, magazines, movies, billboards, and we may not realize how much this exposure is affecting our body image.

But have you thought that beauty is none of their concern? And moreover, the definition they want us to follow is just useless! Well, this is why I’m here today to define the true beauty for all of you. And believe me, it has no specific definition. Beauty is rather discoverable in the simplest habits or traits that a person has.

P.S: If you think, having a beautiful appearance is all that matters, you better not start reading further.

1. People who conquer the difficult conditions with strength


True beauties are strong. From the depths of their soul, they are built piece by piece from each life experience. They allow adversity to transform their character into a work of brilliant beauty.

2. Confident but not cocky!


They say confidence is the most important accessory a human can wear. True. Whatever challenges that come your way, you’ll be able to hit outta the ball park and you strut walkways like runways. In fact, I think that wearing confidence is more attractive than wearing any beauty product.

3. Genuine, being real everywhere


Be real, especially when it comes to realizing that no one is perfect. I think that being yourself is better than trying to be someone you’re not or trying to be someone you know you should be. People who are real and equal infront of everyone are truly beautiful inside out.

4. Visionary and intellectual


Intelligence, brains and wit add substance to every person’s beauty. You’re well-cultured, knowledgeable about the world around you. This isn’t about getting Einstein’s IQ, it’s about being curious about the world and seeking knowledge to know more about your surroundings.

5. People who stick to values


True beauties stick with their principles; they can’t be compromised. They make good choices and hold themselves accountable to self-imposed standards of moral behavior. They align every decision with a strong internal voice telling them what is right and what is wrong.

6. They glow from inner peace and happiness


Truly, the most beautiful people choose to be happy. They smile. They laugh. They make the most of their circumstances and boldly face the realities of life. Their happiness heightens the mood of everyone in their path.

7. Inspiration run in their veins


I think if you know that something means a lot to a person, you should support them in any way you can. Be the voice that helps them realize that possibilities are endless.

8. Self love is what they do first


People who love themselves are admirable. I don’t mean if they stare into every reflective surface and like it, but someone who respects themselves to differentiate right from wrong. Self-love is the deepest love one can do.



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