What This Man Did With His Wife And Two Children Is Scary And Disturbing

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“Unexpected Christmas Gift”

People eagerly wait to celebrate the Christmas day with their dear and near ones while children across the world wait for Santa Claus and gifts. But, not all the family end the Christmas day happily some witness the nightmare of their life. The same happened with the family of Anthony Milan Ross who is a vegan chef and motivational speaker and author. After opting for veganism he went through a huge transformation and from then he has been a motivational speaker.


Ross was going through a divorce and used to visit the kids for the holidays. The 45-year-old on this Christmas Eve did a Facebook live session with his 11-year-old boy, Nigel. The father-son sang Santa Claus is coming to Town.
After 90 minutes of a Facebook live session, Ross shot his 38-year-old estranged wife Iris Ross, 11-year-old son, and his 10-month old daughter Anora.


As per a report by Daily Mail, The police came to arrest him at his Phoenix, Arizona apartment complex. They had a six-hour gunfire exchange with Ross and lastly, he was arrested on late Monday night.

According to ABC 15, Iris’s sister Mary Wogas “ I received a text yesterday around 2:52 PM. Two messages, first one saying, ‘I just killed Iris and the kids’. The second message was ‘with a gun’. I knew that man was very unstable. I knew he had a very, very dark side. I didn’t know it was this dark.”


Sgt. Jonathan Howard told Daily Mail, “Throughout the negotiations, he made comments that he had killed the children. He made some notifications to some family members that he had killed the children.”

He has been charged with three first-degree murder.

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