A Woman Constable Gave A Life Learning Reply To A Congress MLA With A Powerful Slap

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 Slap-fest by MLA

The political party leaders in India are chosen by the public so that they can do development in the country and protect the citizens from all the evils. But, sometimes the good-doers of society do really shameful act. Recently, in Shimla, a Congress MLA did the same.

Asha Kumari, the Congress leader, and Himachal Pradesh MLA did something which is very shameful and disgusting as well. As per ANI, she was denied to enter into Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s review meeting.


In the video shot on Friday the MLA is seen slapping a woman constable. As the constable didn’t tolerate the humiliation she slapped her right back. Asha Kumari didn’t stop here she wanted to slap her back but she was stopped by other people there.

The video is shared by ANI News which you can see below~

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