A Pakistani Girl Sums Life In Pakistan In Hilarious Tweets

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How far has the mindset of Pakistan changed in reference to women?

India and Pakistan were the ones before it got separated in the year 1947. A line divided the one nation into two and there began the never-ending fight between the two nations. Though, the civilians of both the countries want only peace and want to live with the cordial relationship with each other.

The population of both the countries love cricket, they talk similar, they think similar as they are the child of one motherland. Also, the population of Pakistan has similar expressions we are versed with back here in India but, we never openly admit the same.

There are many similarities between both the nations not only in what I described above but also when the male-dominated society upheld its culture in reference to women. The society of both the nation has the similar thinking for women loving in their country.

When we talk particularly about our neighboring country Pakistan, the country is pacing towards development and women are coming out of their shell to make their names. But is it really at the grass root level? The answer is given by a Pakistan girl Sidra Amin. Amin is a Twitter user and she summed up the life of women in Pakistan in a series of tweets. These tweets of Sidra Amin are hilarious and show the grass root level mindset of Pakistan for women.

So, let’s have a look at the hilarious yet close to the real thread of tweets of Sidra Amin:

1. Sidra’s first tweet was like a hullabaloo on the Twitter

2. When women face ‘yahan na baithe, wahan na baithe

3. When men themselves consider women, a weaker section

4. When fingers point at women for being a woman

5. Sidra’s tweet on how people advise her to be stopped

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