Here Are Some Reasons That Will Make You Prefer Jaggery Over Sugar

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Sugar Versus Jaggery

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The days of celebration have begun with the New Year. I am sure you all had a blast on the eve of the first day of the year. Some rang in the year with their friends while some of them stayed with their families and welcomed the new year. Surely the ones who stayed back with their families at the home enjoyed lots of good food which includes a sweet dish made up of sugar for sure.
Sweet dish or dessert is something that I can never deny for and most of you also. But, we also know that sugar or say excess sugar isn’t good for health. And, in India, the season of festivals has been running, so it is obvious that we consume more than necessary sugar even after knowing that it can be harmful to you. So, in case, what should we do?
I have a simple solution to enjoy sweet dishes without the fear of sugar. You will ask how! You just have to replace your Sugar with Jaggery. Jaggery which is not something new comes on the market. It’s a traditional form of sweetener that we have been using for years.

The raw ingredient of Jaggery:

Sugarcane is the raw ingredient of Jaggery. Though sugar also comes from the sugarcane and has replaced jaggery widely, Jaggery has its own space in our Indian culture which isn’t harmful as sugar.

How it is made:

The initial process to make Jaggery and sugar is the same but it varies at different stages. In the first step sugarcane juice is boiled then it is treated with bone charcoal so that unwanted particles get absorbed. Later transparent solution is added so that it becomes clear. This solution helps in crystallization of sugar. However, in jaggery, it doesn’t go under charcoal treatment. The sugarcane syrup is boiled continuously until it turns black or dark brown.

Which is healthier Sugar or Jaggery?

Sugar during the process loses its natural nutritional value and turns out to be unhealthy. While Jaggery retains its nutritional value and it has enormous benefits which are definitely healthier than sugar.

Benefits of Jaggery:

1. Jaggery clears the skin and nourished hair.
2. Jaggery boosts energy.
3. Jaggery prevents respiratory problems.
4. Jaggery strengthens bones.
5. Jaggery works best for weight loss.
6. Jaggery acts as a blood purifier.
7. Jaggery also reduces menstrual cramps.
8. Jaggery prevents anemia.
9. Jaggery is a remedy to cure a cough and cold.
In short, we can say that Jaggery should be used instead of sugar. It is exceptional for treating breathing disorders, its anti-allergic properties relax respiratory system. So, it is clear that which one is healthier. But one thing not to forget is, Excess of anything is bad.
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