Know The Shameful Reason Behind The Gang-Rape Of 45-Year-Old Dalit Woman

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Rape incidents instead of stopping are increasing day by day and it’s shameful for all of us living in a country where everyone is trying their bit to make it a developed nation. There is another Rape incident that recently occurred in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat.

The Dalit family by their relative was called to meet at a petrol pump as they told them that their daughter had been missing from Ghaziabad along with the woman’s elder son. When the woman, her husband, younger son, and son-in-law reached the petrol pump they were held as the hostage at the house in neighboring Shamli’s Nojal village.


“Once we reached the house, they made us strip. They beat us and kept us in separate rooms. They told us that they will not let us go till their daughter is found. They claimed that my eldest son has eloped with her from Sahibabad in Ghaziabad,” the woman told to Indian Express.

The woman son used to live at a relative’s place in Sahibabad and the accused daughter also used to live in the same house. From early December they both were missing.


Woman’s younger son somehow managed to escape from the place and then he told the Shamli police about the whole incident. The police have filed FIR against four people under IPC sections related to kidnapping, wrongful confinement, and criminal intimidation. The woman told the police that she was gang-raped.

“We told them that even if you give us Rs 1 crore, we will not withdraw the case. We have expressed our concern to the police about security” the husband of the woman told Indian Express.

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