Starbucks Lovers! Here are Mind Blowing Facts About Your Favorite Drink

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Starbucks is one of the satisfying caffeinated drink and around the globe, it is the top coffee retailer. By hearing the word ‘Coffee’ Starbucks is the only brand that pops up in my mind. Beside, latte, frappe, smoothies and other caffeinated drink you know the Coffee chain has a lot more interesting things which you should definitely know as a lover of Starbucks. The largest coffee company in the world has 19,555 stores in 58 countries, including 12,811 in the United States, 1,248 in Canada, 965 in Japan, 766 in Great Britain, 580 in China and 420 in South Korea. Amazed?? Read out the other fascinating facts below:

#1. Logo:


In last 30 years, 3 times they have changed their logo though they have kept the original Starbucks theme. The “Starbucks Siren” used to have very freed nipples but with time it has been modified.

#2. Table Shape:


If you have noticed you will see only round tables in the store instead of square or rectangular so that their alone customers look less alone. “A roundtable is less formal, has no empty seats, and the lack of right-angle edges make the person seated at the table feel less isolated,” this is what Arthur Rubinfeld, Starbucks’ former senior vice president for real estate wrote.

#3. Design:


Have you wondered why Starbucks shops always look similar? This is because they chose from three designs i.e., from heritage, artisan, and regional modern. Since 2009, more of a mix-and-match approach has been used.

#4. Super Secret ‘Stealth Cafes’:


Yes, Starbucks runs “stealth Starbucks” cafes. They operate as a regular coffee house due to which it looks like an independent coffee shop.

#5. Opening/ Closing Time:


Every store is bound to follow a “10-minute rule,” which means the store get open 10 minutes before the mentioned opening time and remain open 10 minutes after closing time.

#6. Employees:


The number of employees hired to work at Starbucks is more than the population of some entire countries.

#7. Amount of caffeine:


A Starbucks grande coffee has 4 times the amount of caffeine in a red bull. Surprised?? It contains 320 milligrams of caffeine which is equal to 4 cans of the energy drink red bull.

#8. Cup Size:


Trenta, Tall, Grande & Venti and among it are the 31-ounce Trenta is larger than the average human stomach. In 2011, it was launched and Trenta means thirty in Italian.

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