You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Reason Why This IT Engineer From Madurai Committed Suicide

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“Ending Life Means Fear Of Failure”

Nowadays every second living being is facing the hair problem especially hair falls. And to cure, from home remedies or Dadi or Nani maa ke nuske to homeopathy, allopathy and ayurvedic we tried all the way to make it better and healthier.

But, surely we are not going to end of our life over the depression of hair fall. Is hair fall really that much depressing? If you think no, then why this techie killed himself over the issue of hair fall.

An IT engineer R Mithun Raj, 27-year-old from Madurai, India ended his life by hanging himself from a ceiling fan. Raj was working with the software company in Bengaluru.



According to the Times of India, “the techie had a skin problem on the scalp which might have led to excessive hair loss. He had also tried many medicines but none were effective. This had put him into severe depression.”

However, it is also reported, “Mithun had been on leave for last few days and was staying with his mother, Vasanthi in Jaihindpuram, Madurai. Vasanthi was also looking for a suitable alliance for her son and he had expressed his concerns about hair loss to his mother very often.”


As, on 31st December when Vasanthi went out to the temple, techie hanged himself from the ceiling and when she returned and took him hospital he declared dead. As, Vasanthi informed police and after that, a case has been registered.

Vasanthi returned from a nearby temple, she found Raj hanging from the ceiling and immediately alerted the neighbours who helped her to rush him to  Government Rajaji Hospital. However, he was declared brought dead at the hospital.

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