Do You Have Any Idea About The ‘Soundwave Tattoo’?

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Get inked the voice of your loved one

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I love tattoos, though I don’t have any tattoo inked on my body part, I truly desire to get one. And I can say that many people who are reading this story want to get at least a tattoo which implies sweet somethings or show their love for their loved ones. Inking a tattoo has become a trend of this season. Everyone irrespective of any place is going to get a tattoo. Not only that, I have seen a few people who have inked tattoos all over their body.


As tattoos have long been a way to express yourself, your love for your special ones. Some get it for emotional touch while other for fun and style. All thanks are to the new technologies. Lately, we heard about a guy who inked his eyeballs. And now here is a new technology that could soon allow you to add an extra dimension to your body art.

I’m introducing you to a new form of body art through tattoo which is ‘Soundwave Tattoo’.

What is Soundwave Tattoo?


This is the tattoo that you can literally hear. Yes, you heard it right, you can hear the tattoo which is inked on your body part. An app called Skin Motion come up with this unique idea of Soundwave Tattoo. The app creates tattoo designs from audio clips, which can be played back via your smartphone.

When did this technology come and on what principle it works?


The technology is commenced and in practice from June 2017. It works on the scientific idea of soundwaves. As if one plays the frequency, it will automatically play it’s inhibited sound. If these frequencies are drawn over the paper, we can hear the recorded sound and this is the phenomenon on which the technology of Soundwave Tattoo is based.

Who invented this technology?


Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Nate Siggard has developed this technology and this app can create waveform patterns from audio clips which can be recorded up to one minute long. Also, the designs can be drawn on the recorded sound. The sounds can be spoken words, any music etc.

Is it safe to get inked Soundwave Tattoo?


After knowing everything, now it comes to know very important things which are – is getting Soundwave Tattoo safe or not? So, guy, the Soundwave Tattoo is all safe and is like any other tattoo. It is not wrong to say that it is completely safe.

The technology makers say that they are already getting thousands of messages and inquiries to know about the technology as people want to preserve the memory of people who have passed on and who they love the most.

It’s a marvellous combination of technology and art.

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