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Right to Privacy bill though passed in our country but it’s still hard for citizens to accept and follow it. What someone doing in their personal life should not bother any other individual as from childhood we have been taught that ‘Aapne kaam se kaam rakho. Morality in India is taught by everyone whether it be by parents, politicians or police. The young couple in public on many occasions have been harassed and were liable to answer the questions of why they are together.

Recently, a video on the same has gone viral all over the Internet. In the video, in Haryana, it can be seen that some of the policemen asking questions to a young couple and they are down the man’s name and his mobile number.


A passerby who saw all this jumped in between only to help the couple. He asked the police for why they are noting down their details the policemen said “Bas aise hi puchtaach kar rahe hai”

The man continued to ask the reason for inquiry. The police were reluctant before as they asked the couple to call up their parents.


The man then asked the policemen under which section do they are doing all this. To this, they had no answer and realised that they were wrong and then they called off the matter. A woman constable was heard saying that this is what they would do to their children too.

On all the social media platforms the video has gone viral and people are appreciating the man for what he did.

Watch out the video below:

This is what Lawyer should do. Stop #MoralPolicing

Posted by Deadly Law on Friday, 29 December 2017

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